Who are your staff/coaches?

Our staff includes teachers, current and former collegiate athletes, captains, and coaches. Several of the athletic staff have played beyond college at a professional or semi-professional level. All of our staff has experience working with children.

What is the level of competition?

All student-athletes should be highly interested in getting to the Next Level.

Campers appreciate our program because of the unique level of individual attention. With a maximum of 30 athletes and minimum of 4 coaches in each sport session, as well as a personally-assigned mentor to lead them throughout their session, the campers will never be short of feedback, leadership, and supervision.

It’s hot in the summer, how is hydration monitored?

Every day, athletes are expected to drink at least one full gallon of water. Watering stations are set up around campus, and coaches frequently ask campers, “Have you finished your gallon today?”

Will my travel athlete be challenged in his sport (s)?

Your camper will be challenged and our coaches are trained to motivate him to advance his skills. Our programs inspire growth and improvement for both the travel and recreational athletes in all the sports we offer.

Will my camper play a variety of sports at Next Level?

On of our main goals is to provide campers with a positive multi-sport experience. It is a chief goal of Camp to equip young people with the tools to become better athletes and people. Through a variety of sport choices, we give campers the opportunity to explore and nurture their fledgling interest in leadership through athletics.

Will my camper grow as an athlete AND a person. How do you accomplish personal growth?
Teaching and enforcing sound values and making smart choices is part of every aspect of camp. Not a minute goes by without attention to building solid character as we incorporate values such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, spirit, effort, leadership and persistence.  Most importantly, we create an environment where campers learn to feel GOOD about demonstrating positive values.


What are the qualifications of your teachers?

Next level employs current South Kent Faculty as well as highly qualified
teachers from the area. All faculty and staff are required to have background checks and fingerprinting
prior to the start of camp. All staff are also required to complete a Summer
Experience training and orientation.

What is the maximum class size of my child’s camp? What is your student-teacher ratio?

This can vary depending on the program type and the age/ grade division. Generally speaking, all enrichment concentrations (not athletics)
have a maximum of 15 students and are assigned two Senior Counselors in addition to the lead instructor. Some programs
may be larger or smaller as appropriate for what the camp entails. For example, a sports concentration may accept more
students where an enrichment program might reduce the maximum for a smaller group size. Additional support staff is
added for camps with increased maximums.

Where will my camper be spending his nights?

Campers will stay in clean and comfortable dorms that are equipped with bathrooms and showers on each floor. Each camper is grouped by age. All of the counselors live in the dorms with the campers and are assigned to a group of campers for which that they are responsible.

How are campers supervised?

We have Senior Counselors that are assigned to camps each week and will accompany your child all day during his/her
respective program. Senior Counselors are typically college students who have been hired after an extensive interview
and training process. We also employ ample administrative staff to support daily programming.

Do you have a registered nurse on your staff?

Yes. A camp nurse is always on-site

What if my camper needs medications at camp?

All medications must be maintained and administered by our Nurse.  Separate forms are required to be filled out prior to camp.

Is there a lifeguard on duty?

Yes. Any programs that use the pool including free choice time will have a certified lifeguard on duty.

What is your Policy with Electronics

Only electronics that aren’t WIFI capable are allowed. They must be kept in the dorms and are only used at rest hour or at night.