Multi Sport Major

Enrolling your camper in our multi-sport major will help them develop in a more well-rounded way. Typically athletes who participate in multiple sports have the ability to develop skills that complement other disciplines. These skills often blend from one game to another: i.e. footwork from soccer agility practice may be helpful on the tennis court. Youth athletes exposed to multiple sports have been shown to be more consistent performers, experience fewer injuries, and stay in sport longer than early-specializers.

At Next Level, Multi-Sport Majors can participate in a new sport daily or just rotate between a few during the course of the week.

Soccer Major

“It takes vision to realize potential.”

The goal is to foster a mutual respect for one’s self, teammates, opponents, and the game through growth on the personal and team level.
Players will work on developing and improving fundamentals and technical ability while progressing to more advanced training, all of which will be utilized in game situations. A positive attitude, coachable nature, and sportsmanship will be crucial aspects of every player’s game, and therefore will be enforced during training sessions at camp. Confidence, an understanding of the game, and skill will be main areas of focus.
In addition to physical training and soccer based strength and conditioning, campers will also learn the importance of mental preparation
and toughness on their way to becoming a well-rounded player and teammate, both on and off the field.

Basketball Major

“Push through your boundaries.”

Campers are taught all aspects of the game. A typical session at camp includes station work with emphasis on fundamentals: shooting, passing, footwork, defense, rebounding, and ball handling. These skills are then incorporated into more advanced work in shot analysis, while supplementing focus on teamwork, contests, drills and league games. Campers will also have the opportunity to work on skills associated with their individual positions (point guard, shooting guard, forward and center). Additional emphasis is placed on discipline, floor presence and team concepts. Fitness is basketball specific, emphasizing lateral quickness, footwork and an explosive first step. Leadership and team-building skills
are integrated into league play and discussed in off-court sessions.

Football Major

Every football player needs to know the basic fundamentals and skills to play the game.  At Next Level Camps, athletes will learn the fundamentals of football, while competing in a fun, non-contact environment.

For players who have never played organized football, this is a perfect opportunity to introduce the game in a controlled and structured environment.  While learning basic fundamentals, players will be able to develop their skills and gain confidence. Experienced players can sharpen their fundamentals and learn new techniques through a variety of drills and games.

Lacrosse Minor

“Train Today. Perform Tomorrow.”

Lacrosse players at NLA will learn to develop the skills, strategies and techniques that will enable them to take their game to the next level. Campers are organized for position work and by teams for competition. Each day will be a combination of the following: conditioning, stick skills, mid-field transition, small sided drills, man-up/man-down scenarios, offensive and defensive strategy, as well as full-field games. In an effort to create total athletes and teammates, campers will also come together to perform explosive agility, core strength and positive communication skills. Coaches emphasize leadership and team-building skills, which are integrated into play and discussed in off-field sessions.